Monday, October 12, 2015

Renovation Rambles

::Weekly Rambles::

What’s really on my mind and heart?
Decluttering and minimizing is on my mind. Not surprising considering the state of the house. I'm constantly looking around, wondering how I can best use the space in the basement, and contemplating what to get rid of.

What am I thankful for?
The sound of men working in the basement! Yay! 

What’s going on in school?
Columbus Day holiday! Everyone is happy to have a day off, and I am happy to have my college boy home for part of his fall break.

What’s on the needles?
Last night I picked up my Westport Shawl that I had put down weeks ago when I messed up the lace. I finally had time to tink (un-knit stitch by stitch) 4 rows until I undid the mistake and could resume knitting. After only 3 rows of knitting, I messed it up again, and I have just. had. it. with this pattern! It's gorgeous and it seems to be well-written, but I must not have the patience or concentration skills necessary these days to work on such an intense design. So, now I'm looking for something else to do with these two beautiful skeins.

What’s special about this week?

They are beginning (and ending?) the installation of our new basement floors today. Ever since the sewage backup in May the house has been a disaster (actually, before that, since we moved half the house down to the basement for new floors up here). There is clutter everywhere and I'm learning to live with it. That is frightening to me. Since there's so little "cleaning" that can be done, I'm getting seriously out of the habit!

What am I reading?
I've reached the halfway mark in The Boys in the Boat! I'm really tempted to stay up well past my bedtime every night and keep reading.

I'm also at the end of The Maze Runner audiobook, and I don't know if I'll have any quiet time for a few days to finish it. But once the floors are finished and I can get down there to caulk and paint baseboards, I'll have lots of time to finish that one and start the next!

What am I praying about?
  • Our country
  • For all our priest and deacons
  • an end to abortion and, especially, Planned Parenthood
  • for all the beautiful people suffering chronic pain and from illnesses like cancer

What projects are happening at home?

LOL. Basement, decluttering, cleaning...


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  1. Oh, Sarah....I know exactly what you are saying about the constant pounding and the house torn apart. Fortunately, I'm not exactly LIVING with it, but watching it. And for's the yard. TOTALLY torn up from the front of the house to the back....and then with all the construction going on in the backyard...the whole outside is a MESS. I feel totally guiltless, though, about the fact that the gardens and yard had needed so much work---and now I simply can't do it. What I'll be left to do at the end of the projects though has my head spinning!!! You are long overdue for a break from construction---so glad your project(s) are coming to an end!!! Now you can enjoy the fruits of the labor!!!


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