Thursday, August 21, 2014

{PHFR} School Edition


It was a beautiful day when we delivered our son to college. It was a sad day too. I'm sure most moms can identify with the dueling emotions of pride and sorrow. We can be proud of them and at the same time we miss them. We never stop missing them.


These two were happy to go back to part-time school so they could see their friends. I think we're already in the third week of classes----I've lost track already. Even with just two children at home I still have plenty of things to do and not enough time to do everything. Hence, the lack of  blogging. In fact, I started this post last week!


A little bowling trip for my 50th birthday Katie is the cutest bowler! It was fun, but we obviously need to go bowling more often because we're  terrible!


All the stuff ready to go to college! Boys are so much easier than girls---they need so much less stuff in their rooms.

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  1. Well, there you are! I was wondering where you disappeared to. Was it under the pile of dorm stuff? Happy belated! I hope you had fun. I'm glad you could all get together. :-)


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