Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Estate Sales and Thrifting

Last Friday I had a rare, unexpected day away without guilt! I went to a couple of estate sales and thrift shops with one of my good friends. We had planned to just go to a couple and then get back home to the kids, but no one seemed to need us, and we ended up spending the whole day out having fun. I spent more money than I should have because thrifting it's not always thrifty, but it was so worth it because I found what I have been looking for for ages! 

Thistle bookends – which I think were hand engraved by the artist who lived in the house.

A Selection of beautiful linens. Some are hand towels and some are tea towels for the powder room. There are more than aren't pictured here because they were in the laundry. They are gorgeous, and they will probably never be this beautiful again, because I intend to use them. ;-)

The biggest find of the day was a set of my everyday dishes that my mother gave me for my wedding 28 years ago. I had put them away for a long time while the children were little, so they wouldn't continue to get broken. When I finally pulled them out again, I discovered that the pattern had been discontinued and they're very hard to find. So I'm always looking for them at thrift stores. All I really needed was salad plates and bowls (which they didn't have) but I did get the 8 almost complete place settings! Now I'm ensured against future breakages with 19 dinner plates! ;-)

They're just plates, but they make me happy every time I sit down to eat or set the table with them, since it's worth it to me to have all the extras!

Do you like thrifting or estate sales? What do you always look for when you go out hunting?


  1. is that Blue Danube???? Those were my everyday dishes, too.....I finally gave them to my daughter who I think just has them in here hutch on display.....didn't know they had been discontinued!!! I enjoyed those for years and years! Still think they are pretty special. (My husband's grandmother gave us her collection of antique onion meissen that this pattern was copied from....it, too, has all the fun accessory pieces---even some kitchen utensils like a potato masher and trivet.) what a great find!

  2. Yes! It's Blue Danube. Tell your daughter to haunt estate sales if she needs more of it. :-) I pick up Meissen onion patterned dishes to fill in the gaps, like bowls.


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