Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cold Yarn Along

Above is the photo I meant to post last week, but never got around to.  I've made a bit more progress and am ready to start the toe in the new color.  

If you recall, or maybe I never told you, I used my sweet little scale that my husband gave me for Christmas to estimate the amount of yarn I needed.  I weighed the first sock on the needles (before the toe), then weighed one tiny needle & multiplied that by 4, so I could subtract the weight of the needles from the sock.   The original weight of the skein was 114g, sooo,

114g/2 = 57g

I knew when the first sock (minus the weight of the needles) reached 57g it was time to change to the other yarn and knit the toe.  On the second sock, the ball kept getting smaller and smaller, as they are wont to do when you're knitting. ;-)  But I made it to the same point on the second sock without running out!  

Look what's left of the skein!  I've never used a scale in knitting before, and I am so pleased that it worked so well, even though it's so tiny and we're working with pretty small weights.  Thanks, honey-bunch!

I'm still reading The Apostle of Common Sense as my first book for My Year of Chesterton.  I hope I'll have it finished for next week!  It's sort of a primer for Chesterton to ease me into his writing.

I wish I had knitted some mittens for this Polar Vortex.  It's cold, even down here in GA!


  1. Such intricate socks! I like how you figured out how much yarn to use. Those little scales are very handy indeed.

  2. Is knitting with cold yarn different than knitting with warm yarn? ;-)

    I like the idea of knitting the toes a different color. I usually knit from the toe up, so I have never changed yarns, but I recently bought a book for knitting top down. I'll have to try that!


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