Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Stand with Thomas Peters Day

So, I was not going to blog today.  It's been...what...a week?  I've been focused on other things like knitting, working on the school newsletter, and a class I have to teach Saturday.  Not necessarily in that order....but maybe.  ;-)  I'm just not feeling the blogging this week.  Or the social media.  I don't think I've been on Twitter for about a week.  I pretty much just want to see a few cute babies on Instagram, and I'm done!

BUT, I did sign up for #IStandWithThomasPeters social media day.  Which is today.  I've been following Thomas Peters since before the papal election, but he really caught my attention when he opened the @ConclaveChimney twitter account!  That was too funny, but he is such a great, young voice for the truths of the Catholic faith.

Somehow, I found out on Twitter about Thomas's diving accident, almost immediately, when it was first posted there, and have been praying fervently for him ever since.  We never want to think about something so devastating as a Spinal Cord Injury happening, or think that it could happen to someone so young and newly married with an exciting future ahead.  I can imagine how I might respond to such a thing happening to me, and I fear that it would not be with as much grace and faith.  His journey has been inspiration in terms of miracles and the faith of Thomas and his wife, Natalie.

You can read about their journey here.

You can support them by praying, making a donation toward their massive medical bills, and sharing through your social media outlets.

God bless you!

(I'm linking up with LMLD today.  No PHF, just Real.)

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  1. I have followed his progress as well. What an incredible young man. God has tasked him with quite a cross but by HIS will, Thomas will prevail.


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