Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unstructured Days

round button chicken
I'm going to let YOU decide what goes where!  Frankly, I think I have a whole lot of REAL going on---without photos.

There is no structure to my days, and so there is no structure to this post!  Are your summer days like that?  More importantly, how do you feel about it?
For a few days in June I was recovering from the stress of May, and beginning to get a little bored.  But that has all ended now, and I'm busy with all kinds of miscellany.
First, let me show you my cakes for the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart (from last Friday and Saturday!):
The Sacred Heart cake was just chocolate with my famous frosting which I made thin enough to drizzle on.  Do you like how I drizzled on the crown of thorns as it cooled and got thicker?  I thought it was fun.  It was also s.i.m.p.l.e!

The next day Our Blessed Mother got a white cake, with the addition of blueberries. I split the cake in half and filled with lemon curd.  Then we frosted it with another simple lemon glaze.  It was delish!

No, it was not greeny-yellow.  It was white, but that's what you get with an iphone camera, at night, under a fluorescent light.  And it tasted even better the next day when the lemon curd had soaked in a bit!  OMG.  Yum.

This adorable, little guy lives in a new burrow/den/warren/whateveryoucallit in the garden outside our library window.  I don't know how many there are, but when we were admiring this little cutie, his sibling poked it's head out.  Tom is holding him because he escaped into the garage, which is a very dangerous place for small creatures of any kind, and we had to hunt him down to get him out.  They can crawl into some tiny crevices, you know?  Using the cloth was the only way we could pick him up because he was very jumpy if anyone touched him!

We're going to have to be very diligent about keeping the garage closed now!  I don't want any bunny mishaps in there.  Plus, I already have enough critters in my attic. 

It is HOT outside.  Yesterday was one of those days where you just feel like you're roasting if you're outside in the sunshine for more than a minute.  We are expecting major thunderstorms this afternoon.  Yay.  Swim meet day.  Double Yay!  We had a storm last Friday that lasted all of about 10 minutes.  It was intense!  One neighbor said he couldn't see the house across the street.  And that brief storm brought down nearly a dozen large trees in the neighborhood!  It was crazy.

One (ha!) of the things keeping me busy is buying and selling schoolbooks.  This room, the first room you see when you walk in our house, is full of boxes, piles of books, and piles of papers.  I hope I can get them all out of here by Saturday!  It's making me crazy.  And if I'm drowning in books, I'm also drowning in emails related to all this business.  Yikes.

Oh, and there is all the paperwork and medical forms for summer camps; necessities for TMax who is going to the Boy Scout Jamboree; beach trip planning.
And now, instead of clearing it all away, I have to go do swim team stuff and run some necessary errands before I can work on it.  I'm really hoping the meet is rained out before it ever starts tonight!

Tell me your summertime is a little crazy, too!  The bright spot in my day is when I'm too tired to face the computer or the mess any longer and I get to crochet while I watch Lark Rise to Candleford.  And I'm beyond thrilled that Meg will watch it with me!

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  1. Totally impressed with the chocolate cake and how you did the crown of thorns!


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