Friday, December 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes


It's Friday!  It's Friday!  It's Friday!  I don't know what that means because I still have to cook, do laundry, teach school, carpool, and go to dress rehearsal this evening, but at least the possibility of a bad week is limited by the lack of week left!


The highlight of the week was Tom's slip and fall on Monday night----fighting with a bear who disrespected his family coming around the corner too fast in his socks.  He hurt his elbow and was trembling all over (which I thought must be a bad sign), though there was no apparent damage.

That led to picking him up from school Wednesday to hear that his arm was just not right and he needed to go to the dr.  So, we swung by the urgent care on the way home where we found out, after a looong wait due to computer problems, that his elbow was broken.

That led to a miserable Wednesday trying to get an appointment with the orthopedist and a referral from the PCP.  And after much agony arriving at the ortho to discover that a. the referral hadn't arrived (though they told me it had been faxed!), and b.  Oh, hey!  You don't need one anyway!

On the bright side, we scored an awesome tech who evidently provides comic relief for the office and does very artistic casts:


One of our Christmas miracles occurred on Saturday when the long-awaited, and much-needed, Dog Trainer came to the house.  It seems as if he didn't do much.  He just taught us how to restrain Gus and hold his snout closed until he completely relaxes.  We're to do that any time he uses his mouth inappropriately---on us, the furniture, the leash, my yarn basket (gasp!).  

He's still not perfect, but the difference is astonishing!  He has stopped "talking back" as in barking and snapping when we tell him No.  Well, that's because we're not allowed to tell him NO!  We're just supposed to grab him and administer the correction!  He follows all the other commands much better.  We knew that he knew them (sit, down, stay, wait, out (or drop it), come), but he only obeyed if he felt like it or knew there was a good probability of a treat!  He's always picking up stuff to eat on walks, and now he'll usually drop it if I just say Out!  Although, if it's particularly tasty and doesn't want to give it up, he won't bite me if I take it from him.

Another thing that shocked me yesterday when we were out on our walk was that he treats other dogs differently now.  I've always tried to let him visit with the other dogs when the owners are amenable, and he would ALWAYS put his paws on top of the other dog to express his dominance.  I've never seen him NOT do that---until yesterday when we met 2 dogs at different times.  He greeted them and sniffed them, and then lay down at my feet while I chatted!
Okay, I'll stop now.  That wasn't a very Quick Take.  It probably deserved a post of it's own, but blogging time has been a bit scarce.


One of the reasons blogging time has been scarce is that the Dog Trainer said so.  He said Dh is to walk and then feed the dog in his crate at whatever time he (dh) gets up and leave him there for an hour, and then I'm to get up and walk him again.  When we come back, I have to play with him and provide lots of opportunities for corrections.  So, we play and train and correct for an hour and a half, or so, until he's ready for his morning nap.  By then, it's time for the day to start in earnest:  wake the kids, take a shower, start school.


Gus is a Pug/West Highland Terrier (Westie), and these dogs need a firm hand.  Literally.  We were taught to pet him very firmly with long, slow strokes.  It's a lot of work for Meg to pet him!


One of my college students is home, I think.  I still haven't seen him.  He got home after I left for AHG last night, and then he had to go out to a friend's house.  Naturally, he got home after I was sound asleep!  Maybe I'll see him today, but there's a possiblity that it will be very late in the day!


Tonight is the 2nd dress rehearsal for A Christmas Carol which takes place on Jan. 1.  Last night was quite the challenge, from what I heard.  I hope it's better tonight.  These productions always look a bit like train wrecks in progress, but by the grace of God and the Holy Spirit, it comes off pretty well.  Our director is a very lovely, prayerful woman who makes praying at the rehearsals as big a deal as the rehearsal itself.  I can't wait to see the final performance!


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