Saturday, December 31, 2011

7 Alternate Takes


Don't you hate it when you forget to give your post a title and you end up with the first sentence of your post memorialized forever?  What?  You've never done that?


Have you ever given one of your children "the best thing they've ever owned" for Christmas?  Or birthday?  Brendan is 20 and here he is:

He was just surprised there.  It's the 6th day of Christmas now, and I think he's told me every. single. day. what a great thing it is.  Today he said it's his favorite thing ever!  And that's just the $99 Kindle Touch, not a Kindle Fire.

It's kind of making me want one.


The kids have just gone out to play for a few minutes riding their scooters and bikes around the neighborhood.  It's my chance to get in a few more stitches on the challenging Tardis hat for Pip's birthday.  Yet, here I am....still on the computer.


I went to weigh myself yesterday to see what the holiday damage was so far.  The scale read "LO".

So, that's good, right?


When you're knitting a secret project that's stuffed in a bag, which is stuffed into a discreet spot where it won't be noticed, it totally Does Not Help that you have a dog who is a yarn thief and pulls the project out of the bag to go chew it.

It also doesn't help that the only person who saw him is the recipient of the gift.


Pippo either wasn't interested in my new knitting project, or he already knows and was just pretending.


It's New Year's Eve.   And I know that because I just read it on someone's blog.  Seems it's time for the year-end wrap up and thoughts on resolutions.   I'm sure if you peruse the internet for 30 more seconds you'll find that somewhere!

I'll just pray that God will bless you in the coming year and that we'll all grow closer to Him each day.

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Oh I have definitely done the "forget to give my post a title" thing before and I do believe I was left with an unwanted reference in the post's address link. I was not pleased.


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