Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

Joining Jen from Conversion Diary, today.  If you want to read more Quick Takes, stop by her blog!

It's been a great week for weather around here.  We had huge, scary thunderstorms on Wednesday, which caused my Little Princess to sleep in the basement.  I can't say I blame her!  They enjoy it down there because it's like camping; they know it's safer; and they can't hear the thunder as well.

The storms brought blessed relief from the ridiculous heat we've been having, and last night's swim meet was quite pleasant.  The Husband said I should blog about that since I'd been complaining about the heat.  So there you have it.  ;-)

Speaking of swim meets....last night was like a Double Bonus!  I was originally scheduled for the super-stressful Deck Manager position which is way (WAY) outside my comfort zone, and they moved me to the less stressful position of Bullpen Manager earlier in the week.  When I reported for duty last night and was doing the "shift change"  they suddenly asked me to go help with the computer because they had a complete newbie up there who wasn't comfortable!  I hadn't done that job in a couple of years, but it's not exactly complicated to read the times of the swimmers to someone else who enters them into the computer.  I was thrilled to comply, and we had a great view of the pool if we needed to watch an event.

It would have been a perfect night if we had won.  This team has NEVER beaten us before. It was kind of sad.

While we're on the Swim Team Subject...One of the things I love about swim team, ours in particular, is that the parents who originally started it were big (and I mean BIG) on sportsmanship, and that has been carried on through all the coaching and staffing changes over the past 12 years.  It's drilled into these kids that they must stay in the water and shake the hands of the swimmers on either side of them and congratulate them on a good race.  My kids don't play a lot of sports, but I'm glad we have been a part of this neighborhood team.

It suddenly hit me the other day, if Meg swims for 8 more years, and we don't move away, we'll have been on this team for 20 years! 

 I should get an award for that.

It's always so exciting to see a snake slithering across the street.  Kids love it!   Fortunately, it was going Away from our house to the other side of the street.  Any snake lovers out there know what kind it is?  We're guessing Rat Snake.  

Here's a pic of my finished cowl.  It's not a loose, drapey cowl, but more of a neckwarmer.

It's promising to be a relaxing Friday, here!  Pete has my car all morning and early afternoon.  I have no paint with which to paint my basement (having finished Katie's room yesterday).  Looks like a great day for knitting a Scots Bonnet and watching Monarch of the Glen on Netflix!

What are you doing this fine, summer Friday?

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