Friday, December 5, 2008

Coffee Fail

When I titled Tuesdays' post "Back to the Daily Grind" dh immediately thought it was a coffee reference. To be honest, so did I. I thought that post should be about coffee. But I decided it would be better to save for a Friday Fail.

Because it was a serious failure.

When we got back from the beach Sunday evening, the Master of the World went out for necessities, coffee being one of them. Typically frugal, he picked up the cheapest beans on sale.

A guy could seriously lose his title "Master of the World" for a mistake like this one!

I can't remember when I've had such bad coffee! No smooth, mellow, comforting warmth. There's warmth, but it burns my throat all the way down. It's rough and acidic. And it doesn't taste very good on the tongue, either.

I had to go out and buy some of this to mix with it and, hopefully, mellow the experience somewhat. It's much better. Not perfect, but better. Oh, and this one was on sale too, so we didn't just mix the cheap, bad coffee with expensive, good coffee. We mixed it with cheap, good coffee.

Buy good coffee, folks. It's worth it. One of our favorites is Starbuck's Caffe Verona when it's on sale at Target! Or a special trip to Trader Joe's for a really good deal on coffee beans! 'Cuz no one wants to greet the new day by burning away their esophagus.

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  1. I'm glad you saved your coffee! Enjoy a cup for me! :-)


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