Tuesday, December 9, 2008

7 Quick Takes

I'm using Jen's 7 Quick Takes on Tuesday, not Friday. I know ya'll don't want anything to interfere with the Friday Fail. But frankly, things have been good lately, so I may not have anything for ya.

1. I suddenly realized that I'm close to that magical 100th post, so I've been working on 100 Things About Me. It's taking much longer than I expected and keeps me from posting anything else because this is #99! The blog may die here if I can't put down my knitting long enough to finish it.

2. I started yet another knitting project! This time it is a scarf for a man using the feather and fan pattern, also called Old Shale. I wanted to make the one Regina made, but I don't have the extra cash to spend on a book for the pattern. I also wanted to use the multi-colored yarn, but I got a soft brown and it shows up the stitches better. The pattern is lovely. I can't wait until I have a few more inches done and can see it better.

3. I finished another Rose Hill Hat yesterday. It's a pretty, dark rose color. I love that pattern though the bobbles are a nightmare, and I'd like to make one without any mistakes in counting stitches. I have the pattern memorized now, so that's great. I'll probably make another since I bought 2 skeins of the yarn and it used all but about 3 feet from one skein. It was very close!

4. I'm so far behind on Christmas preparations because of all this knitting. Or is it the homeschooling? lol. My dining room table is covered with things I need to get done----gifts to finish, gifts to mail, autumn decorations to put away. Gifts to start are in the corner.

5. St. Nicholas Day was wonderful even though the kids didn't all get up at the same time. We didn't force it this year. Hitch had to open and run because he was scheduled for his last SAT ever, the History subject test.

6. We didn't end up staying for the whole Two Hearts Vigil on Friday. Too much St. Nick stuff to do. So after Hitch finished his test, which was only a 1 hour test, we went to confession. That was our marathon of spirituality because the line was very long----I think the priest forgot that he was supposed to be there because I saw him go in shortly after we arrived! I got a couple of inches done on my hat (#3) that morning! The whole day was wonderful. I love those grace-filled days and we hadn't had one in far too long.

7. Did you see the widget for the Christmas Tour of homes? Up, right? Last year it was fun to see what others had done with their homes. I'm hoping to participate this year if we get some decorating done this weekend.


Stay tuned for 100 Things About Me. Tomorrow? We'll see!

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