Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yarn Along

I finally finished my gorgeous Settler Shawl today. It's blocking on the floor now, and I hope I can wear it tomorrow (about the same time as this posts).'s done! I wore it this morning ---had to take it off to show you. The yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino light that I got for Christmas. Perfect present! 

That's closest to the real color!

My book, waaaayyy up there in the top photo, is Alignment Matters. Not much plot, lots of great info. It's the first five years of Katy Bowman's blog posts, and the reason I'm sitting on the floor, stretching my ligaments, and trying to maintain mobility as I age.

Where are you sitting? I mean, what are you knitting? Check out the other yarns at Ginny's; that's what I'll be doing to  find a more .... adventurous... book!


  1. It's gorgeous! I love it. I swore no more shawls for me but it's kind of a scarf....right?

    Is that the book I ordered? No, it was the DNA one. But I really need to do some stretching!

    1. Thank you! It's more of a scarf than shawl. I don't think it's as large as the designer's version, but I didn't have much yarn left, so if I had used larger needles, I couldn't have made all the repeats.

  2. Gorgeous shade of purple and beautiful pattern!!

  3. oooh especially pretty with that purple color! I've just recently heard of Katy, now I'm so intrigued!

  4. The color and scarf are GORGEOUS!!!


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