Thursday, June 6, 2013

{PHFR} Flowers & ABC's

round button chicken


She was just so cute, standing there at the pool, waiting for me to get in.  Brrrrr.  It was 8:30 p.m. and not hot!  Her hair curls up in the humidity.  Love.  (Well, I love it.  She doesn't.  Silly girl, curls are hard to come by for some of us!)


My hydrangeas are all in bloom and they look great!  I don't know what I did last year, but they're big and beautiful.  The pink-y ones were pink when I got them (It was to commemorate Meg's birth), but they've been blue every year since.  I sprinkled lyme (lime?) around them last year or the year before, and they finally turned pink again.  I probably should put some down every year if I want them more pink, or to stay that way.

The pinks are mopheads, which you probably recognize.  The blues are lace-cap, and I have no idea what kind the floppy white ones are, but they're sweet.


On Sunday we drove Pete back to college for his summer job and had lunch with everyone, except Katie.  :-(   They won't let me take a decent picture without faces!  It's not as if I'm that mom who spends the day with a camera in her hand. (Ok, I do.  It's mi-phone, but it's not on camera function---more likely twitter or words with friends! ;-) )


We came across this table at the Eucharistic Congress last weekend for The Christian Alphabet.  We've had a poster of the Christian Alphabet on our wall for the past 10 years or so, but I was surprised to see the table there.  We got our black-and-white poster from the artist way back when we taught an NFP class at her parish.  She gave it to us as a thank-you, and boy, were we amazed to see how her baby has grown up!  

The poster is in color now, and there is a book that explains all the symbolism, and you can buy personalized "nameplates," too.  There are notecards, bookmarks, and more, available on the website.  I was just in love with all of it!  (Don't tell her, but I sort of want to break out the colored pencils and color my poster!)  Stop by and visit her site.

Have a great summer day, y'all!


  1. I love your daughter's bathing suit! She looks so cute and ready to go. Your flowers are lovely, too!

  2. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites too. We haven't had as much luck in Texas, although I keep trying. Way back in time in Georgia we had pinks, blue, purples and white. Someone told me what's in the soil helps determine the colors, didn't ever try lime.


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