Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Finished a Book!

Today I finished reading The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.

I thoroughly...almost...enjoyed the story.  As I was reading, I realized that it was full of stupid, unkind grown-ups---you know, the kind that are in all the kids' TV shows these days.  I was wondering why we (I) had liked the first three books so much, but then, little Nicholas met a grown-up who was different from all the others, and he learned a very valuable lesson.  It changed the way he thought about people and his actions, and it shaped his behavior in the first 3 books (which all take place after this one because it's a prequel).  It also changed how I felt about the book because I was pretty discouraged with it.

If you haven't read any of the Mysterious Benedict Society books, I highly recommend them, especially if you (or your children!) like mysteries and puzzles.  My kids that have read them all loved them and couldn't wait for the next.  I'm going to put them on Meg's Summer Reading List.

Have you read any of the MBS books?  What did you think?


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