Wednesday, May 8, 2013

French-Inspired Curtains

 I finally got around to making Meg's French-inspired curtains---which are kind of fun, but really just an inexpensive replacement for the horrid lime-green curtains that don't go with her new wall color!

I picked up a linen-like dropcloth from the big box store.  This one is for a hallway, so it's long and thin, and if you cut it in half it's perfect for 2 curtains!

You weren't planning to use this patch of sunshine, were you?

She wanted an Eiffel tower which looks good in the first picture, but then it kind of misses the mark at the bottom.  Quelle dommage!  We looked up common French phrases to write on the curtains (avec Sharpies, bien sûr!), and we still had plenty of room without repeating the same things dozens of times, so....

I wrote the Hail Mary at the bottom of that curtain, and on the other one, j'ai écrit le prière à Saint Michel Archange et une fleur de lis.

Waaaay too green in these pictures!

Finally, some coordinating bins for the shelves, and new ribbon on the memo board.  Et voilá!  Finis.

She loves her new grown-up room, and I love that it's clean and the bed is made every day!


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