Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Did During Holy Week

I would like to say that I baked pretzels, and prayed the Stations of the Cross every day, and prepared meaningful, symbolic meals every day while my children built awesome Lego depictions of Biblical events, but that's not what happened.

Oh, Meg and I did post pictures of the Stations all around the house---which we prayed together exactly once.  And we did go to Stations at church on Friday.  And attended the Mass of the Last Supper on Thursday, and the Celebration of the Lord's Passion on Friday.

We got adventurous and went to the Easter Vigil Saturday night at the cathedral with the Archbishop celebrating.  It was very moving with many, many young people being received into the Church.  Even walking to and from the church, from my daughter's apartment, in the rain, couldn't dampen our spirits and the joy of Easter.

But the real highlight of Holy Week is the redecorating we did around the house!  (And you know I'm being all tongue-in-cheek when I say that, because JESUS is the highlight.  We just had to get some work done while I had a helper here to do it.)

Katie was on spring break, so she offered to come help paint the bedrooms of Meg and Pip, which would have taken me forever to do what with all the furniture moving, and the decluttering, and the reorganizing.  And she loves that stuff, so we pulled off an amazing feat of emptying and painting 2 rooms in 2 days!

Sanding off the Boy Scout Law
Amazon Stone by Behr.  Love.

Excited much?
Stripes left over from Katie.
Jamaica Bay by Behr.
 The previous picture is the only one that shows the true color.  I think it's Easter Egg blue. :-)  Katie gave her the stick on chandelier for her birthday in January, and I gave her the Dream sign. Her two favorite parts of the room.  The chandy even has stick-on jewels!

Ack!  Blurry!  But note the pretty rosary.

Jamaica Bay is really pretty.  But not on the carpet. :-(

That's a big stain.  Maybe you can tell by my foot.  I know you love my shoes!  And did you know that rubbing alcohol takes paint out of carpet??? Yep.  That stain is 99% gone. And we were just too tired of it (and when I say We, I mean Katie) to go the rest of the way.  It takes a lot of alcohol, a lot of paper towels, a lot of pouring and blotting (not rubbing!), but it does come out.  And let me tell you, alcohol and paper towels are a lot cheaper than replacing the carpeting.

This is Pip's dresser that I painted with "granite" spray paint years and years ago.  He has been working very hard to remove the granite particles.  Bless his heart.  It's a big, slow job.  I think he's about finished and we can stain it.  I'll show you when it's done!

What did you do during Holy Week?


  1. OH, my gosh, you did a ton!!! You must feel so good!! I am going to have to remember that rubbing alcohol thing with the carpet...wow! I would have gone out and bought a rug to put over it!

    Everything looks great!!

  2. OH, and my Holy Week was recovering from Simeon's surgery...he's doing great now though!

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  4. Wow! All that newness HAD to feel good come Easter. Good job, Momma, both in blessing your home with all that pretty new paint and blessing your hearts with liturgical grace.


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