Monday, April 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes...Monday


What a week.  I'm behind on the news, but I know it's been a bad one for Boston and Texas, and I'll be praying as I go about my morning packing for another camping trip.


Two weeks ago, I acquired the nickname "Best Camping Buddy Ever!" which, I am sure, you find hard to believe.  I must've used all my Camping Buddy Mojo on that trip because I'm so not feeling it today!  I just want to stay home and snuggle with my hubs, crochet, and maybe watch the news.


My American Heritage Girls troop is going on a primitive/pioneer campout today.  Thunderstorms this afternoon.  Pit toilets all weekend.  Lots of girlie girls.  I better find and pack my mojo for a weekend of slogging around in the mud!


Note to self:  Remember to take the car charger.  I'm thinking that geocaching will help eat up my battery life.


(And now it's Monday.....) My friend that I was carpooling with had a flare-up with one of her medical issues, so suddenly, I had to figure out a plan for Saturday dinner (since that was her job), and do the after-school pick-up and prom tuxedo fitting with Tom instead of just leaving the car for him.  My departure time was suddenly in the middle of rush-hour and the rain.  :-(  Oh, and my Boy Scout Pippo decided to come hang out with another Boy Scout friend who was coming!


I came really close to chickening out, but ended up taking my sweet time getting on the road...stopped at Wally World for a couple of necessities, and ate dinner out before leaving town. We finally hit the highway at 7 p.m.---the traffic was gone and so was the rain!  I had a great 2 hour drive listening to the final, gripping hours of the Boston manhunt.  I was gratified that Suspect #2 was in custody just as I arrived at my destination.


The worst part of the drive was after checking in and getting directions to our site.  Is it so hard to tell someone that if they turn onto a sketchy, narrow, dark, rutted track in the middle of the forest where they might get stuck in the mud, that they're in the right place?  Just keep going until you finally...FINALLY....find your friends.  Sheeesh!  After that, it was all good.  


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  1. #7 sounds like normal driving directions in montana.

  2. Hi Sara...I am visiting from Jamie Jo's and am enjoying reading through your beautiful space here. The prayers on your sidebars are two of my very favorites! Have a nice Tuesday! : )


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