Thursday, October 13, 2011

Flylady to the Rescue, Again

So, yesterday, I told you I'd tell you how I managed to cross a bunch of stuff of my to-do list.  I needed to sew a whole bunch of little things, clean & dust my room, finish up those knitting projects from yesterday...

There is still more stuff to do, stuff that I never seem to get to in the time God allots for a day.  It has really been weighing me down, making me feel farther and farther behind.  Which I was.  It wasn't just a feeling!

We started using the timer for our schoolwork a couple of weeks ago to keep the kids on track...go back and read that, if you haven't already...the other day I was inspired to take another page from the Flylady book:  crisis cleaning.  We weren't really cleaning, but I'm definitely in Crisis Mode here with all the things I have to do that are piling up!

For Crisis Cleaning (when you're in a hurry to clean the house and you can't get the whole thing decluttered perfectly), you set your timer for 45 minutes, work hard until it rings, and then you get a 15 minute break.  Repeat ad nauseum until you run out of time or your house is clean.  For some reason, those 15 minute breaks keep you from burning out or getting exhausted.

Employing the same method, we set the timer for 45 minutes of schoolwork, and then 15 minutes of housework.  I sent the kids to clean sections of their rooms during the 15 minutes while I worked on my myriad projects.  In 2 days, I was able to cross a bunch of stuff on my list, AND we finished schoolwork at the same time as usual!  And you know what else? Some days our brains are just fried from sitting at the table most of the day, just trying to stay on track and get our work done.  I'm always dragging them back, literally or figuratively, to their books, and we're exhausted by the time we're finished (or just call it Quits because we've had enough).  With the timer, and all the additional work we got done, we were still energetic, mentally and physically!

It amazes me how it works.  I don't "use" Flylady anymore, but she definitely has some powerful methods on her site if you need help.  I love the timers!  We'll be using them for a few more days while I try to whittle down my list!

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  1. that's a great idea. we all need a change of scenery and a different activity about every 45 min or so! Liken it to being in the upper grades and changing classes....45 min class, then 10 min to get to the next 45 min class....



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