Monday, November 16, 2015

Minimalist Blogging

For a while now I have joked with friends about my goal of becoming a "minimalist blogger"----not one who rarely posts, as I do, but one whose posts are short and sweet. I always feel too rushed to write a well thought out article worthy of sharing, so I end up just chit-chatting, which isn't exactly newsworthy or shareworthy. Lately, I have not had the time or inclination for that, either, but I find that I don't really want to quit altogether. Strange, but true. So, I'm going to give the minimalist blogging a try and see how that develops.

How do you feel about blog posts? Do you like long articles or short snippets that you can get through quickly? NB: I am relying on your comments here! ;-) Please comment and let me know what kind of posts you like, in general. Not just from me, but anyone.


I whipped up these mittens last week out of Paton's Classic Wool. Made to fit my hands, they seem a little long in the fingers, but that may be true of all mittens. I know that mittens have been made out of pure wool for ages, but these will definitely felt if I make too many snowballs with them! Maybe that would be a good thing?

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