Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mystery Knit

What is this? It looks like a monster! 

If you guessed Dog Sweater, you're right! Mullet Ski Mask would be...incorrect...and weird. ;-)

My sister asked me to make it for her little pup who can't keep warm in the snow and cold. He's also an odd size, so the extra small sweaters she has bought don't fit. I did my best to go by her measurements and basic patterns I found online. I also cut a couple out of sweater sleeves. (They were cashmere which had been washed and dried, so they won't shrink anymore. FYI cashmere doesn't felt in the wash.)

Anyway, into the mail they went....

They fit! Almost. The back is a little long, so she has to fold it under (or cut it off the sweater sleeves). We will have to figure out exactly where to measure to get the correct length. But he is adorable, isn't he?

Do you think I ought to put dog sweaters in Rosy Knits as a custom item? 


  1. That is precious!!!!!!

    I wonder of they come in Otis size!

    1. Otis is a big boy! Does he get cold in your neck of the woods? And I"m sure they come in his size; they just don't get whipped up in half a day. ;-)

  2. The only problem with custom orders is sometimes pet people can be really fussy (present company excepted). Your sister's pup looks cute!

  3. Yes, I'm sure they can be! But maybe they'd be desperate enough for a good fit that custom is the only way to go.


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