Friday, June 27, 2014

Quick Takes on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

1:: Today is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It our family feast day since we consecrated our home to the Sacred and the Immaculate Hearts about ten years ago. Tomorrow is the Blessed Mother's feast day.  I got roses for both of them.

2:: I'm making extremely slow progress on our Little Oratory. Here is what it has looked like for a while where we pray our nightly decade, or rosary, and consecration prayer.

3::  I'm gathering other things from the room and around the house to add to it. The corner is very plain with that large blank space on the wall. The table used to be under the large painting but I scootched everything around so we would have a better view of the Two Hearts instead of the spring---though that can inspire thoughts of living water!

4:: Here's our picture of the Two Hearts that we should be focusing on when we renew our consecration at night.

Love those dried palms from a couple of years ago? I always forget to burn them on Ash Wednesday!

5:: This is our icon wall to the right of the window. I have a couple more to add.

6:: Our home altar as it has been for a few years. The basket holds rosaries, and we have the set of rosary images that we change for each mystery. We never light the candle, but we are going to start!

The cloth reverses to white. I remove it for Holy Week, but I've never gotten around to making a purple/rose one for Advent and Lent. Maybe this year! 

7:: Lastly, the table rotates to reveal a selection of our religious and prayer books.

God willing, someday soon I'll show you the updates! Subscribe to posts so you can see it! 

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