Thursday, May 8, 2014


round button chicken


Maybe I'm stretching it to put this is in the {pretty} category, but I'm kinda pleased with it. This is a toolbox that Brendan (my 2nd oldest) made way back in Cub Scouts. It's been in the garage holding various items over the years...until now. I just decided to paint it (with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Greek Blue). Then I asked my sweet husband to pick up three of those cute, quart-sized paint cans when he was at the hardware store.  Et voilá! A holder for utensils at a party! Personally, I think it's too cute for words, and I will have to find something else to put in it after the graduation party. And I didn't even see it on Pinterest. ;-)


I was happy, nay, thrilled, to get my The Little Oratory in the mail on its release date, but I was also pleased to see it prominently displayed at one of my local Catholic shoppes. It was a nice little display full of all sorts of things to turn your home into a little oratory.


We'll go with {funny} for the photo of the Kombucha Growler. I'm sure other people would prefer that I fill growlers with beer, but I'm happy to find that I can get my own growler at Whole Foods instead of trying to keep up with making my own Kombucha every week. Now I just have to find time to go over there----I can't wait until the new one opens up just. down. the. street!

And a bonus {funny} photo of Gus who was smiling. He doesn't usually smile---except when Daddy just gets home and is about to pet him.


The pool is open, and Meg was testing my Lifeproof case by taking lots of underwater photos and videos. It worked great. Except....she put in on the bottom of the pool (labeled 5') for one video, and that is just about the limit of the Lifeproof guarantee. Sure enough, there was just enough moisture in my phone to make phone calls impossible for a while, but everything else worked. The phone is fine after drying out for a little while, but just a word of caution if you want to test the limits!

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