Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter (Tuesday)

It was such a busy Easter weekend! It was so wonderful, though! Even though school was back in session yesterday, Meg, Pip, and I managed to play games and have fun to stretch out this glorious holiday a little longer.

Meg baked her marble lemon cake on Saturday, and then she decorated it all by herself on Sunday morning while I was at Mass.

Katie made Pavlovas for dessert, too. I wish I had a picture! Ours were filled with lemon curd and topped with blueberry syrup, and I could eat them for.ev.er.

We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday using a dozen white eggs and a dozen brown eggs from the farm. They're all beautiful and we totally forgot to put them out for dinner on Sunday!

Most of us went to the Easter Vigil on Saturday after working on a puzzle and watching Jesus of Nazareth on TV. Singing the Gloria with the bells ringing, watching the elect get baptized and confirmed, and receiving the body and blood of our risen Lord was a joyous occasion. Words can't even do it justice.

Since I have to leave early for choir warm-ups, we never get photos of everyone in their Easter finery. These pics are from the day after---after I got home at 12:30 from singing at the morning Mass. And after Pete got home to join us!

I am counting all my blessings on this gorgeous Easter Tuesday!  It was all pretty amazing.

What was your favorite part of your Easter celebration? 

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  1. I popping over after seeing you comment on my blog. Love your life and do so wish you were closer!


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