Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lotsa Yarns!

I'm joining Ginny a day late for the Yarn Along because Wednesdays are so busy around here!  I was supervising schoolwork and trying to organize all my new yarns from the Shop Hop.  

I was also trying to make a little progress on my Hitchhiker.  I'm so excited about this little scarf----I think the shape will lend itself well to wrapping about the neck.  Lots of triangular scarves don't.  Since I memorized the pattern, and I don't have to click the counter on my phone after every row, it's going a bit faster.  And I can take it in the car!!!  

I'm also in love with the colors, which look a bit dull in this early a.m. photo, but it looks like a gray day at the beach where there is just enough sunlight peeking through the clouds to turn the water aqua.

I have some spiritual reading on top, which said some pretty amazing things to me yesterday morning after a bad Tuesday evening.  It's nice when that happens.

I also started Divergent, which belongs to one of the kids, after reading about the author in the Costco magazine.  I have had very good luck with books that I hear about from that source!  They have all been excellent reads---all 3 of them. ;-)  Admittedly, not a very large sample.  I guess I need to read it if the movie comes out soon, along with the 3rd book in the trilogy.  The boys are dying to get the 2nd book already.

As soon as I get back from dropping off the kids at school, I'm going to immerse myself in the Yarn Along (while I knit).  Tell me about your good books and knitting---I need more ideas with all this new yarn!


  1. So many books, so very little time.

    My night table looks like it should live at the public library near the "Return Books Here" counter. Crazy - and, truth be known, dusty. That didn't stop me from buying George Weigel's "Evangelical Catholicism" at his lecture last night. It looks good. It can wait in the pile with his "Letters to a Young Catholic" that lives there perpetually half read. I pick it up periodically and read a few and then get distracted again. Good stuff.

    I guess my Netflix binging habit is making an impact on my reading list. Must examine that ----- right after I finish that "No Impact Man" documentary.

  2. I love that scarf! If I didn't have so many irons in the fire, I might just give it a shot. As soon as I get some baby gifts off in the mail, I might just do it!

    Just started one book on Overdrive and one on paper. The Overdrive books get "read" a lot faster!

  3. The scarf is very interesting. I remember my grandmother used to knit pullovers and scarves during the winter. It is a great art making everything you like with thread and knitting needles which I never managed to learn how to do it. I think nowadays less people even try knitting simply because of the lack of time.


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