Friday, November 16, 2012

Feeding College Men Quick Takes


Do you ever think that They should reschedule Christmas for earlier in the year?  Or we could just have Christmas all year long since the celebration is earlier and earlier every year.  Does the rush to put up Christmas decorations before Halloween, or start Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Thursday, indicate the level of desperation of merchants?  Methinks it does.


Speaking of little boys gigantic college students will be home on Sunday to eat us out of house and home for a nice visit!  I can't wait to see them, even if Pete says he's only coming home to see the dog.  And to get a new phone.  I have a lot of grocery shopping to do on Saturday because they'll eat a lot no matter whom they're visiting!


How do you prepare for holidays when your kids are home from college?  I start by making a list of days they'll be home (if it's just for a short time), the meals we'll eat, and the number of people who will eat them.  Then I can come up with a menu for each meal, and from there, a shopping list is easy!


It really helps if you actually check your pantry and spice rack to see if you have everything you need, or you'll be making extra trips to the store.  Ask me how I know.


And believe me, you'll want to minimize the extra trips to the store, because every time you go, someone will have something yummy to add to the list.  Or they will just want to come with you and pick out all the yummy things. 


It's good to do some extra baking before guests or college students come, and double every recipe, because then you will have just. enough. food.  


And even then, a jumbo jar of salsa and a couple of large bags of tortilla chips will come in handy!


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  1. I try very hard not to take anyone with me when I go to the store because my basket fills with junk! For Thanksgiving I'll have seven "boys" ages 16-24, 20 people total. I think I'll roast two turkeys!


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