Friday, May 4, 2012

We are on the road (some of us, not all of us) for a Command Performance of My Dad's 80th Birthday.  I'm driving straight through, 14+ hours, to Joplin with a selection of kids who can spare the time to come along for the ride.  It's not much time, either, mind you.  Friday out and Monday back.  It's only slightly insane.

I'll be glad to see my Dad.  And he'll be extra glad to see all three of his children together at the same time.  That hasn't happened in  Well, we were together briefly for Mom's funeral, and then Grandmother's funeral, but he didn't attend either of those.

So, hey!  It might be fun to get to see my siblings, now that we've grown up and stopped fighting, for a happy occasion instead of a funeral!

Stocking up for the trip means gathering lots of car supplies.  It will probably be wasted effort, though, because they may sleep the whole way with their ipods plugged in!  I picked up 3 Nancy Drew mysteries to see if we can interest Meg in them.  She hates to do anything in the car because "doing" makes her sick and "listening" makes her sleepy.  We'll see.  Maybe she'll like these; they're fairly short, and then she can read the zillions we have at home when we get back!

I also stumbled across Pioneer Woman's love story, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, which I had never purchased and had subsequently forgotten about.  I've already listened to one disc!

Some people can actually read real books in the car, so I got Zita for Pip to try out.
I didn't know it was a graphic novel.  Needless to say, he finished it already.  "You should get the rest of those, Mom!"  Great.  They're not available at any of the nearby libraries.

I also snagged some books-for-sale at the library which may come in handy.  Plus, I culled a stack of books from the shelves that the kids can try to read for school in the car.  They'll be really unhappy if I have to add 2 days to the school year because of this unexpected trip!
 Does your family do real books or audio books on car trips?  Or just ipods and computers?

Car Food is also a vital part of any car trip.  And for my family, gum.  Lots of it.  (Blech.  I hate gum!)  We still need more snacks of a less-healthy sort and beverages.  What do you take on long trips?
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  1. Steak strips are healthy??

    My kids would like those but I wouldn't touch them.

    I like licorice in the car, and sourdough pretzel nuggets (Snyder's). We usually pack sandwiches so we don't have to eat fast food. Tuna salad on wheat. Yum. Or ham and swiss cheese with mayo and mustard, on white. Carrot sticks and apples.

  2. Steak strips are healthy! Protein is necessary to combat and reduce the extreme carb consumption in the car. You must no by now that I have no issues with red meat.

  3. Stupid misspelling of "know" courtesy of sticky phone!


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