Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Loving My Floors

So sorry I have been absent around here! I have been super busy since we got back from vacation! We had new engineered-hardwood floors installed while we were away. We're also renovating 2 bathrooms, and I expected it all to get done in one week, but I guess that was naive. In any case, I've been putting in lots of sweat-equity by caulking and painting alllll the baseboards----and since I'm an idiot and changed paint colors, I have to do every blessed bit of trim on the main floor. :-)

My first foray into caulking baseboards was fun, but tiring. Honestly, I'm sick to death of sitting on the floor and sliding around every couple of minutes, dragging my caulk gun or paint can  and floor protection with me! Instead of being a reasonable person and taking breaks to do restful things like blogging, I just keep plowing through until it's dinnertime. Today I called it quits at 4 p.m. with just one long wall behind the sofa ^ to finish. 

Caulked but not painted yet.
If my helper had been here to tape it off for me, I might have made the effort to finish it, but I just didn't have the mental fortitude to tape off anymore!

The pile of boxes behind her is from putting all our books in the "new" library.
She helped in the dining room yesterday, and I'm thrilled to say that room and the library are done! We painted all the wainscoting AND the windows. (but we're not going to talk about the crown molding!) And we still need to put curtains up, drawers in the china cabinet, stuff on the shelves....but the painting is finished!

This is a good representation of the floor color. I'm slowly falling in love with them...it's taking a little while simply because I have so much work to do that I can't really enjoy them yet. Every time I get to bring more furniture up from the basement, I like them a little more!

Here's the finished library (except for the window. and the crown molding.) We moved all the bookshelves from the smaller library (which is now the Office) to the living room where they could all be lined up against one wall and be more aesthetically pleasing. So much better than it was before!

I am such a Renovation Newbie! I have learned a lot, some of it the hard way, and I expect I shall learn still more before this part is finished, and then comes the basement. It's fun, but HARD---mentally and physically. 

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  1. I can't imagine how worn out you must be. During our last project (I think Faith's room) we decided we were getting too old to do this. It really takes a toll on your body, unlike when we were young, or younger!

    How nice to know everything is new and clean, though! I love our wood floors. They are wearing well after two years.


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