Friday, September 13, 2013

What's On My Heart and Mind QT


Thomas Peters, the American Papist, and his ongoing recovery from a spinal cord injury.  I'm praying that he'll walk again, and I'm very sad that I don't see any mention of the possibility in the updates.  But I'm also very happy that he's doing as well as he is.


Go watch Ep. 1 of Ordinary, produced, filmed, and directed by Michele Quigley's family.  30 minutes that you won't regret.  I laughed until I cried.  Tell me if you do, too!


Extra prayers for Elizabeth DeHority who had surgery this week.  Update at the end of this post.


Prayers for my Dad and step-mom, and FIL  who all have worrisome health issues happening. 


I am enjoying Taylor Marshall's new podcast which has practical life and spiritual tips.  They're nice and short at only 30 minutes.  Give one a try!


It's increasingly difficult to wake up for 4:00 a.m. adoration, and my mind wanders like crazy!  Today, I had the foresight to bring a journal which keeps my mind focused on the Lord instead of my to-do list!  I also whipped out my phone to use the iBreviary app by Pro Terra Sancta.  There were lots of prayers and litanies in there to keep me focused!


Break's over.  Back to lessons.


Join the fun at Jen's for more 7 Quick Takes!

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  1. #6: I am the queen of distracted praying. Night Prayer is the only office that works for me because it's the only one where I have quiet to pray. Otherwise, I've got a needy child (who can always tell that I'm praying and chooses that moment to need something) or I've got "Winnie the Pooh" in the background. I need Maria Johnson's laminated sheet where she checks of prayer of a Rosary when she gets them done during the day.


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