Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kombucha, Baby!

round button chicken
Chai Tea ("chai" means "tea".  I wouldn't want to be redundant.).  One of my absolute faves, especially since an Indian neighbor made it for me once out of plain tea and real spices.  No bags involved.  I'm not a huge tea lover, so this must really be good!
Brewing a second batch of Chai to make Kombucha with.  Here's my first batch, newly bottled:

I thought I had died and gone to heaven this morning when I drank my first glass!  I'm one of the weird ones that loves Kombucha, and it's excellent health benefits are a bonus in my book, but it's too expensive to buy in the store on a regular basis, so I had to learn to make my own.  I was thrilled when one of my equally weird friends gave me a baby SCOBY a couple of weeks ago!
Pip likes kombucha.  Or he used to---until he found out it was "made from a Giant Ball of Snot!"
It looks pretty horrible, but it isn't that bad.  It just feels a little rubbery.  And to answer Meg's question:  Does it move?  No.  It's alive in the sense that it is bacteria, but it's not a jellyfish, despite appearances to the contrary!

Just to help cleanse your eyeballs a bit---here's a picture of Gus curled up with his head on the chair for a pillow.  I was sitting on the blue ball.  Don't you love how his eyes reflect the blue?

All better now?  Did I distract you from the horror?


  1. i love kombucha. i've only tried making it with black tea. i had to give up my kombucha lab because i couldn't keep up with all the scobies. i wish more people liked it in my home.

  2. 2nd try (in case you got the first one): I love my homemade yogurt, which is essentially the same thing (fermented) but I'm with Pip! ;-)

    1. I was never able to get my yogurt to a desirable consistency, so I gave it up.

      (didn't get the first one!)

  3. Let me just say, scobie sounds like an alien life form from Star Trek. Since I like Star Trek, and I like you, I won't vomit on your lovely blog.

    Now, excuse me....

  4. Replies
    1. SCOBY---Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Yum! ;-)

  5. Oh man... I just don't know. It was all okay until... that word. I just don't like that word!
    Cute dog :)

  6. Is the scoby itself edible? what does it taste like, i wonder? or is it like those tiny gross pellets you made kefir with?


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